Participación de Santiesteban Garce, Betsandra:

Individual Calculations December 2016:
 Zonal Nacional Central 2016 Camaguey CUB 2016-11-13
 2028 1905 5.00 11 1.23 40 49.20 
  Hernandez Machado, Patricia M. 1920 CUB1.0010.524020.80 
  Sanchez Comesana, Angelica Mar 2012 CUB0.001-0.3540-14.00 
  Rodriguez Dominguez, Melissa wm2143 CUB0.001-0.2040-8.00 
  Miranda Rodriguez, Tania wf2160 CUB1.0010.814032.40 
  Hernandez Gil, Ineymig 1822 CUB0.001-0.6140-24.40 
  Ginesta Caballero, Olga Lucia wf2044 CUB1.0010.694027.60 
  Fernandez Rivero, Karla July wm2035 CUB0.5010.18407.20 
  Garcia Terry, Legna 1904 CUB1.0010.504020.00 
  Rodriguez Guerra, Melissa 2009 CUB0.5010.14405.60 
  Campos Vila, Milena wm2197 CUB0.001-0.1540-6.00 
  Armas Alfonso, Giselle 2058 CUB0.001-0.3040-12.00 

Rc - average rating of rated opponents, Ro - rating of a player in a tournament, Rp - rating performance of an unrated player, W - points won in a tournament against rated opponents, N - total number of games against rated opponents, Change - change used for calculation according to formula, K - development coefficient, Kchg - rating change of a player calculated as (K * change)